Saturday, June 16, 2018


I have been off line on this blog for many, many months. I miss this. I have been mostly on Facebook! With the current information issues, a lot of people are leaving Facebook so I decided to move back to my blog. A better way of staying in touch with my friends. So welcome back to Making Papertracks, both of us! ME AND YOU!

A photo of Laton and Paul Bunyon on a recent trip for my birthday!


Julia said...

Love these photos!And am glad you have decided to resume the blog. I used to check it often and then stopped when nothing new appeared. I am sure others will be glad to see you back too. And a very happy belated birthday to you. I think it happened while I was out in Calif.

Anonymous said...

Fun to see you back at writing. I like Facebook at times but get very upset with the negative I find on it at times. But I try to skip on by and not read those. OR get sucked into the drama.

Fun to see you pictures as well

Beta Hugs,