Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Drive

We took a lovely Sunday drive today. We drove east on I-70, turned off at Glenwood Springs on to Hwy. 82, then on to Carbondale. We turned off on to Hwy. 133 past Snowmass Mt. and over McClure Pass, through a little town called Paonia and on to Delta. Then we turned on to Hwy. 50 and headed back to Grand Junction, CO. The view was wonderful.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Campfire With Friends


We had a wonderful evening visiting with our former co-workers, Edie & Bob. They moved back to their  home up in Alpine, WY for the summer and popped down for a visit today. We had a great dinner at Fiesta Guadalajara with them. Then we had a nice campfire and lots of laughs.

Lisa, our neighbor

Monday, April 16, 2012

High Desert

Laton & I are so enjoying the Grand Junction, CO area.  Here is a picture of the drive back from Arizona through Utah. I love the high desert area with the red rock formations. Everything is new and interesting in this area.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hanging at the Hotel! (or marinating at the motel)

Isn't he just the cutest baby ever! After getting snowed out we decided to get a hotel room in Phoenix. We had a lovely dinner with our son, Lee and his friend Letty.  As we left to go back to our room, the starter on the jeep went out. Now we are stranded! We got a ride back to the hotel and the next morning Laton and our friend, Cory, drove back to Mesa to fix the jeep. I stayed at the hotel with the dogs. Lumara & Vance dropped by to keep me entertained...and boy did he!

After the jeep was fixed, we spent some time with Lee and Steve, had some Chinese takeout, watched a movie, and back to the hotel to rest up for the long drive back to Grand Junction, CO on the 16th.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snow Babies!

Carrie with her snow baby girl, Lumara

Lumara's snow baby boy, Vance

The Family that shivers together...

stays together! This snowfall never let up, so we packed up the snow-covered tents, the frozen chairs and headed off to Phoenix for a hotel. LOL!

from left to right...Marina (Steve's friend), our son, Steve, his dog, Emma, me (Carrie), Jeremy (Lumara's friend), Hunter (Jeremy's son), Lumara and Laton.

Anniversary Camping Trip

April 15 is our 40th Wedding Anniversary! On our first anniversary, we bought a camp stove as our gift to each other and went camping. This year we honored that tradition and went camping in Arizona, on the Mogollon Rim. While living in AZ, we have camped on the Rim, with a great group of friends for many years. This year, their first camping trip fell on our anniversary weekend. We took our sleeping bags, camp stove, cooler, camping chairs and the dogs in the Jeep Grand Cherokee and took a camping trip to the Rim! We got there Friday afternoon. It was a fun time around the camp fire with our friends and, eventually, our 3 kids and grandson made it up for the evening. Then it started to snow about 2 AM. This is what we woke up to!